Another Age Discrimination Lawsuit Filed Against Google: "Go tell Grandpa to pick up the pace."


A 72-year-old former Google employee has sued the company, claiming he experienced numerous instances of age-based harassment, discrimination and intimidation according to filed court documents.

The Plaintiff, Rodney Broome, alleges multiple insults and threats were made by his supervisor who said Broome was "in retirement mode" and would "be leaving soon." The supervisor also reportedly made comments to others, directing them, for example to "go tell Grandpa to pick up the pace." Broome also said he was told he would soon be having "car trouble." Coincidentally, Broome’s car and house were broken into soon thereafter. The supervisor also allegedly made Broome move heavy piles of materials by himself and took chairs away from Broome and other older employees.

Broome said he complained to both his supervisor's boss and to HR, but the harassment continued and he then allegedly suffered retaliation in the form of poor performance reviews, reduced bonuses and physical threats, among other things. He eventually quit, citing stress and health concerns.

This suit follows the settlement of a large class-action age discrimination case against Google. In late July, it was reported that Google settled a class-action, age discrimination lawsuit. As a part of the settlement, approximately 200 job seekers over the age of 40, who applied for positions at Google, would receive a settlement of $11 million. Also as a part of the settlement, the company was required to train employees and management about age bias.

If the allegations in this most recent lawsuit prove to be true, it would seem that the training didn’t stick.

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