Chris McKinney Quoted in Story About Scooter Store Employee Furloughs

Chris McKinney was quoted in today's story in the San Antonio Express News regarding the DOJ investigation of the Scooter Store and its resulting lay offs of employees.

Any furlough that doesn't have a return-to-work date for employees would be considered a “permanent layoff,” Texas Workforce Commission spokesman Mark Lavergne said in an email.

If workers haven't been told a specific date for when they should return to work, they would be wise to consider applying for unemployment benefits, said San Antonio employment lawyer Christopher McKinney.

Lavergne added that those employees would have to search for new employment to qualify for unemployment benefits.

The Scooter Store faces “significant business challenges,” which were “exacerbated” by the raid, according to Landon's email.

You can read the entire story here.